Items in New York Heritage are organized into collections, which provide additional context for understanding their significance and meaning.

MAG Images

University of Rochester - Memorial Art Gallery

Selected images from the Memorial Art Gallery’s history, including construction views and portraits of prominent people associated with the Gallery.

Manhasset Photograph Collection

Manhasset Public Library

Our photograph collection comprises of 3 linear feet of material and spans the years 1834-2004.

Mark Twain Collection

Elmira College - Gannett-Tripp Library

This collection consists of letters and marginalia of Samuel Clemens, artifacts associated with him and photos having to do with Clemens' time in Elmira and the family and friends that comprised his circle.

Mary Anne Thorne Chadeayne Collection

Historic Huguenot Street

Photographs, correspondence, textiles, and other items pertaining to the family of Mary Ann Thorne Chadeayne.